Though not as iconic as the more angled "J.B. Hutto" Airline, this Res-o-glass guitar still carries interest for collectors of fiberglass guitars from the '60s. Airline guitars were manufactured by Valco in the '50s and '60s, and many closely resemble other Valco-made guitars from brands including National and Supro. Guitars made of Res-o-glass -- a type of fiberglass -- like this model are the most collectable of Airline guitars.   

Years of Production: 1958 - mid '60s

Body Style: Single cutaway solidbody 

Body Composition: Res-o-glass

Design Elements: Bolt-on neck, dot inlays, 2 single-coil pickup, 6 controls knobs

Notable Airline Players:  David Bowie, Jack White

Product Specs

  • 3:4 Res-O-Glass
  • Red
  • 1960s
Made In
  • United States

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