AER Compact 60/3 1x8" 60-Watt Acoustic Combo

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Reviews for the AER Compact 60/3 1x8" 60-Watt Acoustic Combo
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  • The best acoustic amp, by far.

    Verified Purchase

    I played my acoustic guitars though a Roland AC 60 and also through a Bose L1 system, for several years. I recently tried Fishman's Loudbox, and the new Fender Acoustic series. They sound pretty good. But the AER 60/3 is in a totally different league. I totally agree with another review here bel…

  • Worth the price

    Verified Purchase

    I've been using a Roland AC-60 and always felt resigned to the inevitability that my guitar was going to sound like an amp. The AER makes my guitar sound like my guitar, but louder.

  • FINALLY - An amplifier for acoustic guitars that does what it claims!

    Verified Purchase

    I bought the AER Compact 60/3 on the advice from a fellow gigging slack key player, having become sick of lugging around heavy sound gear that came "close" to sounding good with my three guitars set up with different tunings and tone characters. Yikes! This little box makes them all sound like they'…