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The AEA RPQ is a studio-grade dual mic preamp with a "Curve Shaping" EQ section built specifically for ribbon microphones. With 80dB on tap via JFET electronics, the RPQ has all the juice you'll need for any passive ribbon. Direct-coupled inputs for standard ribbons ensure the cleanest possible signal path between the ribbon and the preamp, and a phantom power switch enables the use of active ribbon mics and condensers alike. Need to roll off some of the bottom end and give a kiss of magic to the treble range? No problem with the RPQ. A specially-tailored EQ section gives you just what you need to mold your tracks into the mix. Compare prices on new & used RPQ pres on for the best deals.

Product Specs

  • RPQ Ribbon Pre with Curve Shaping
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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