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The AEA N8 from the Nuvo series of ribbon mics uses the same Big Ribbon as the R44, but features active electronics for more output and better compatibility with modern audio interfaces. Don't let the smaller size fool you -- the gigantic classic RCA sound is here in a big way, with a natural, lulling top end that's as pleasing as can be. Amazing at a distance, you can use the N8 for a distant spot mic on drums, sections of a choir or orchestra, or as an overall room mic for a vintage sound at an affordable price. The phantom-powered active electronics provide a good output boost so you won't need too much muscle from the mic pre, even on the quietest sources, and the flat black finish makes it a great candidate for use on TV or film sets where you don't want the microphone in the shot.

Product Specs

  • Nuvo N8
  • Black
  • 2010s

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