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Based out of Durham, North Carolina, Abominable Effects produces experimental, handmade effects pedals with custom etching also done by hand.

Based on the design of the original ProCO RAT, the Don't Shred on Me is built with an LM308 circuit and NOS silver mica caps for a more abrasive distortion tone.

Features: red LED 5mm clipping diodes, true bypass, red LED light display

Product Specs

  • Don't Shred on Me Distortion
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Reviews for the Abominable Electronics Don't Shred on Me Distortion
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  • #1 of 5 on desert island

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is glorious with rich amounts of harmonics and a face melting sizzle if you want to add. Rock, Metal, Blues, fuzz, and beyond. I do not have an original Rat to compare it to, however, Abominable Electronics is now my favorite company. After trying this beast, I quickly ordered the Hail Sa…