The 3Leaf Audio Proton is an envelope filter capable of generating numerous funky tones in the style of the Mu-Tron III. It features controls for Gain, Peak, Decay, Sweep, and Tone.

Product Specs

  • Proton
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the 3Leaf Audio Proton Envelope Filer
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  • Verified Purchase

    It took a few runs to dial in the tones I was looking for, but this envelope filter is a monster. It's tracking well with both my Strat and Les Paul, and has fit in well towards the front of my pedal board. I was able to play the Keeley Neutrino prior to purchasing the Proton and thought it sounded good, but I think I made right choice for what I was looking for.

  • Verified Purchase

    Love it. I had a "real" Mu-Tron III back in the 70's (it was stolen), and this 3 Leaf seems to get the closest I've heard to the sound I remember. This one seems more versatile, though. And Cheaper. And smaller. And it's powered by easier means.

  • Mmmmmm Good

    They done well with this pedal. Closest I've heard to a true Mu-Tron which my bass player owns.

  • Funky-Synthy Bass Extension!

    Verified Purchase

    Lots of reviews describing the tone. I'm here to say it plays great with active basses. Responds really well with effects before and after it. The good stuff!

  • Everything You Expect It To Be

    Verified Purchase

    This thing nails the Mu Tron sound, which is exactly what I wanted. I'd replace it if it got lost.