JP Stingray LOVES guitars. At age 13, he began playing his first guitar (thanks to the influence of his musician older brother), a hobby that which would one day blossom into his life's calling as a professional guitarist. Like most touring guitarists, JP has bought, played, and sold a large number of guitars of most every make and model. Unlike most other shops, JP offers his buyers a lifetime of "hands-on" expertise when selecting and purchasing all types of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars and amps. He provides the same commitment to excellence in selecting his own personal instruments as he will provide you in your purchase. Questions about what ax to buy or what setup might be best for your particular style of music? Just contact for fast and friendly advice. Good products, honest and friendly service, and a lifetime of experience make JP Stingray Guitars your last stop for all guitar and amp purchases JP Stingray Guitars is located in Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands. Visits by appointment only.