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Music is more than a passion: music is a bond. We learn it from those who came before, play it with people we would never have met, and pass it on to those who come after us. Music makes the world a better place and our community stronger. That’s why we created Reverb Gives.

Photo used with permission of Music Heals International.

Making the World More Musical

Reverb Gives provides teachers, instructors, and leaders of music programs across the nation with the instruments they need, directly from our marketplace.

Music relieves stress, improves test scores, and more.


relieves stress
improves test scores
creates friendships
hones coordination
teaches discipline
builds self-esteem

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Reverb Gives

Every time a sale is made on Reverb, from a pack of strings to a ‘56 Les Paul, more students get more access to more instruments.

Reverb Gives

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