Will This New Jimmy Page-Approved Amp Give You the Sound of Zep's Debut?

Jimmy Page has teamed up with producer/engineer Perry Margouleff and renowned amp builder Mitch Colby to launch the Sundragon, a brand-new amplifier created to celebrate 50 years of Led Zeppelin.

Called a "faithful recreation of the amp Jimmy Page used exclusively to create the groundbreaking sounds on Led Zeppelin 1 and other notable recordings such as Joe Cocker's With a Little Help from My Friends," the Sundragon will be available first in a limited run of just 50 amps.

Those first 50 units will be hand-built, as well as signed by Jimmy Page, and released throughout 2019. After that initial run, a standard production run will commence.

Of course Page, though tagged as a Les Paul player later in his career, famously used a 1959 Fender Telecaster for the majority of Led Zeppelin. Page transformed that guitar—originally gifted to him by Jeff Beck—with a variety of wild finishes over the years.

He outfitted it with eight circular mirrors at the beginning of '67, and then, amid the psychedelic fervor of the time, painted a colorful dragon on its body instead.

Fender announced late last year that they were collaborating with Page to bring multiple versions of the historic guitar back to life in a series of Jimmy Page signature models—with more details expected in the coming days.

Pairing both a new Dragon Tele and the Sundragon amp may get you as close to Page's tone as gear alone can take you.

UPDATE: Fender has released the full details of the upcoming Jimmy Page Signature Telecasters, which will include two Custom Shop builds and two standard production models. Check out the new Page Telecasters and get all the specs here.

More details about the Sundragon will be available soon. For all the latest product releases and news coming out of NAMM 2019, follow our ongoing coverage.

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