Wilco to Add Cache of Funky Vintage Gear to Reverb Shop Next Week

Nestled in Chicago's Northwest side, The Loft, the personal studio of the rock 'n' roll band Wilco, contains what's arguably one of the more impressive and idiosyncratic collections of instruments you'll find in any studio anywhere. Jeff Tweedy and his band of roaming troubadours are the sort of players who are constantly on the prowl for that next thing and next sound. It's a mindset that results in the accumulation of a lot of gear and mandates the periodic clearing out of the old to make room for the new.

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As Tweedy told recently us, "We take the phrase 'Spring Cleaning' to heart here at The Loft. It’s time to dust off some of our under-used treasures and make room for… well, more treasures. I hope I don’t accidentally buy some of these back."

As a result of this year's round of spring cleaning, Wilco and the team at The Loft are set to add another batch of vintage (and newer) gems to their Reverb shop for the third year in a row. (For an inside look at The Loft, check out this video we made in 2015.) This year's inventory is replete with oddball guitars and basses from the '60s and beyond, with a hefty supply of instruments from brands like Jolana, Morales, Kent, and Danelectro.

But the stock in this sale isn't limited to just these lower-end vintage brands. Also on the block for 2018 is a Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe acoustic in super clean condition, as well as an extremely rad aluminum-neck 9-string guitar from Electrical Guitar Company. There are hollowbody basses, a wide smattering of pedals, and a Carr Rambler combo amp played by noise master Nels Cline.

Like last year, the band will also be selling swag packs of tour stickers and backstage passes from different Wilco epochs, which are likely to sell fast. If you want to be the first to get alerted about the inventory hitting the Wilco shop on Monday, click the button above to add it to your Reverb Feed.

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