Weird Gear with Andrew Huang, Episode 4: Hokema Sansula

A few years ago, YouTuber Andrew Huang picked up his first kalimba in Hawaii, with the intention of starting a collection. Although that intention never quite materialized, Andrew still has a soft spot for the African instrument, so when he found the Hokema Sansula here on Reverb, he knew he had to give it a shot and make some music.

Hokema Sansula Renaissance

A kalimba is comprised of a certain number of metal tines affixed to some kind of resonant cavity that players play with their thumbs. For a long time, there was no standardization in regard to a kalimba's size, shape, or even tuning, so there are a lot of unique kalimbas out there waiting to be found.

The Hokema Sansula, what Andrew is checking out today, is a standardized mass-produced kalimba, with a few twists. The first twist is with its tuning. This kalimba features almost all of the notes from the A minor (minus the fourth and the seventh) and weirdly features two high A-notes so close together than they'd have to be played by the same hand. Also unique to this kalimba is that it's affixed to a drum head, which lets you adjust how the instrument resonates based on close or far you hold it to a surface.

As with the Maestro Rhythm King from episode one, the Folktek Mescaline from episode two, and the Landscape Stereo Field from episode three, Andrew explores his unique find and uses it to make an original song in the video above. Be sure to check out in full, and if you're interested in snagging a Hokema Sansula of your own, you can find one right here on Reverb.

If you enjoyed Andrew's original music from the video, you can click below to download the tracks for free.

Weird Gear Vol. 4 - Hokema Sansula
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Hokema Sansula
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