Weird Gear with Andrew Huang, Episode 3: Landscape Stereo Field

So far in this series, YouTuber Andrew Huang has found some seriously weird gear on Reverb. But up until now, all of that gear has been vintage. While episode one featured experimentation with the mighty Maestro Rhythm King and episode two featured the Folktek Mescaline, Andrew is checking out a newer noisebox called the Stereo Field from Brooklyn-based company Landscape.

The Stereo Field is an instrument with three main uses: processing external sounds, generating its own sounds, or using the sounds it generates to control any instrument that accepts control voltage. On its face, you’ll find a touch-sensitive top plate, eight 3.5mm patch points, and four knobs, including two stereo volume knobs that affect distortion, drive amounts, internal feedback pitch, and modulation rates. As Andrew proclaims, “Noise artists: here’s your entire career.”

But what about the rest of us? Andrew knows that not everyone is interested in experimental noise music, so he showcases a few more traditionally musical applications for the Stereo Field that will appeal to musicians of all stripes. He first runs the Stereo Field through some effects in his modular setup, demonstrating how musicians can color its the glitchy soundscapes with effects like delay and reverb for tones that can easily find a place in a pop song.

Andrew runs a guitar through the Stereo Field as well, before turning his attention to what is arguably the coolest application with the noise box that he tries: the Moog synthesizers. Check out the full episode above to hear it, and enter our giveaway before September 30 for a chance to win a Landscape Stereo Field of your own, complete with a copy of Ableton Live 10 Standard.

If you enjoyed Andrew's original music from the video, you can click below to download the tracks for free.

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