Weezer is Giving Away an All-Black Strat to Promote Their Black Album

Last week, Weezer released their thirteenth record. Following their on-again, off-again self-titled/color naming convention, it is being referred to as the Black Album. The cover has the band, drenched in some black substance, posing in front of a black background.

To promote the release, Rivers Cuomo and company have been doing a ton of silly marketing, including making an island in Fortnite, launching a web store called the Black Metal Hub, and selling a bunch of black-themed paraphernalia there.

Through the Black Metal Hub, they're also offering a giveaway of a custom Black Album Fender Stratocaster. Anyone purchasing an item through the web store is automatically entered to win, but anyone can enter for free by sending in a postcard. (Check out this page if you'd like to enter.) However, it ends tomorrow, March 7, at 11:59 p.m., so you better get to the post office soon, or order a Weezer-branded black coffee mug, black disposable camera, or black belt instead.

Rivers has played a partscaster most of his career, so presumably this is a similar instrument, though no specs have been divulged. MusicRadar, who first reported this Strat giveaway, shared their thoughts on what the specs might be in their original article here.

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