Watch Metallica's "One" Covered with Just One String

Did the world need another cover of Metallica’s “One”? We’ve already been graced with plenty of attempts, including the confusingly glorious video of three shredders (including Reverb's own Joe Shadid) sharing the fretboard of an 8-string axe to nail it. So what more we want?

As it turns out, perhaps the question we should've been asking is "What less could we want?"

In the video above, YouTuber Pete Cottrell nails the Metallica classic, adhering to the insane limitation of only using a single string. Filmed at the behest of several of his channel's commenters, the video has since gone viral, and we can see why: Pete totally slays.

Be sure to check it out above, and let us know which classic song you'd like to see played on a single string in the comments below.

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