Watch Bruce Springsteen's Performance from Last Night's Tony Awards

Bruce Springsteen - Springsteen On Broadway Live Performance of "My Hometown"

Bruce Springsteen's ongoing of run solo performances as Springsteen On Broadway has him singing and talking his way through his legendary songbook.

The evening shows stand in stark contrast to his usual bombastic, marathon-length live concerts. Without the E Street Band behind him, Springsteen uses tales from his autobiography to give insight into the stories and characters within his songs.

The solo show has proved to be successful. The five-night-a-week gig was supposed to end in November, but has since been extended through June 2018.

At last night's Tony Awards, Springsteen was awarded a special Tony for the show and also treated the audience to a performance of "My Hometown" from Born In The U.S.A.. Check out the video above and browse Bruce Springsteen's discography on Reverb LP below.

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