Watch: 100 Pedals Played at the Same Time

Have you ever wondered what a signal chain of 100 pedals would sound like? Well, thanks to our friends Nick Reinhart and Juan Alderete over at Pedals and Effects, you don’t have to wonder anymore: they tried it out for you.

In this slightly lengthy video, we get to see Nick and Juan go through the process of picking out 100 pedals from their extensive collection and testing out the sound as they go. And it’s not as simple as just picking pedals. The order of the signal chain, power supplies, and the enormous amount of cables it takes to put together such a rig are all taken into account, taking the pair nearly 8.5 hours.

So what does it actually sound like when they’re all strung together and lit up? “It sounds awful, basically,” Nick says.

We think it sounds a little bit like an airplane passing far too close overhead, or like the gates of Hell have opened up, or something of a similarly terrible nature. But regardless, Juan and Nick took on a project that definitively answered a lot of questions, ultimately proving what we already guessed: Pedals are good, but you can definitely have too much of a good thing.

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