Walrus Audio Debuts Previously Teased Audio ARP–87 Multi–Function Delay

Back at the Anaheim NAMM show in January, Walrus Audio teased a brand new delay it was adding to its lineup. But after the show, the pedal slipped away, and we didn't really see much more about it.

Once again, it's emerging from the shadows after a slight revisit to the design. The ARP–87 Mulit–Function delay will make its debut at Summer NAMM in Nashville and is expected to ship later this month.

The ARP–87 is billed as a compact delay packed with functionality. It features four main algorithms: digital, analog, lo–fi, and slapback. Digital is clean and perfectly suited for the rhythmic player, while analog brings warmth and dimension.

You can mess with the adjustable frequency range on the repeats in lo–fi mode for tones that can range from warm to warped to AM radio–esque. Finally, if chicken–picking is your thing, slapback is the mode for you.

What's also cool about the pedal is its X switch, with functionality that changes depending on which mode you're in. As Joe explains, it controls the modulation depth for digital, analog, and slap, and the width of the filter for Lo–Fi.

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