Videos: Way Huge Smalls Series Russian-Pickle MKIII and Blue Hippo Analog Chorus MKIII

Back in January, Joe had a chance to stop by Dunlop's NAMM booth in Anaheim to see what the effects giant has in store for 2018. We got a quick look at the lineup, which includes mini versions of classic Way Huge pedals like the Russian-Pickle, Blue Hippo Analog Chorus, Cry Baby Mini 535Q, and Aqua-Puss Analog Delay.

Last week, Joe got his hands on the Cry Baby Mini, which he found to be just as desirable as its larger brothers. Today, Joe is taking a closer look at the mini versions of Russian-Pickle MKIII and the Blue Hippo MKIII.

In the first video above, you can hear that the new Russian-Pickle's small chassis takes nothing away from its gnarly, Muff-like gain. Joe plays a Danocaster Tele through a Magnatone Panoramic Stereo 2x10 combo. Switching out the Tele-style guitar for a Gibson SG Standard, you can really hear how the Russian-Pickle can react with humbuckers, making a truly gargantuan sound when the volume's cranked.

Joe uses the same setup in the second video to show off the capabilities of the Blue Hippo MKIII. Like its beloved predecessors, the MKIII is derived from the Boss CE-2 chorus, built with a bucket-brigade circuit, and includes a toggle switch for vibrato or chorus tones.

Like the others in Way Huge's Small Series, the appeal is the tiny, pedalboard-friendly size while maintaining all of the appeal of the classic, larger pedals. As you can hear in Joe's demo, the Blue Hippo MKIII has all of the watery, chimey richness that made the Blue Hippo so beloved in the first place.

Be sure to check out both videos above. And buy your own Russian-Pickle MKIII or Blue Hippo MKIII on Reverb today.

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