Video: Walrus Audio Slö Multi-Texture Reverb Demo

Walrus Audio's Fathom Multi-Function Reverb, released earlier this year, offered players choices between hall, plate, lo-fi, and octave reverb sounds.

While you could extend the tails into dreamy textures by setting high Decay times or using the Sustain switch, Walrus Audio's brand-new Slö Multi-Texture Reverb leans into that lush, ambient soundscape territory.

The Slö comes with three reverb modes—Dark (lower octave), Rise (ambient swell) and Dream (latching pad)—all designed to drape or envelop your playing with unique textures. The pedal also allows you to modulate reverb tails with different wave shapes.

Watch Andy Martin demonstrate all that the Slö Multi-Texture Reverb can do in our video above. And order yours on Reverb today.

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