Video: Walrus Audio Debuts the New Fathom Reverb

Walrus Audio offered Andy Martin and Reverb a sneak peek at its newest, feature-packed pedal. The Fathom Reverb boasts four different settings—Hall, Plate, LoFi, and Sonar—to allow for a wide range of lushness, from subtle echoes to atmospheric trails.

The Fathom offers precise control over the reverberations, with the Decay knob setting their amount and the Dampen knob tapering their high-frequencies. As with many Walrus Audio pedals, the Fathom comes equipped with an "X" knob that offers different parameters depending on the chosen setting.

On the Hall and Plate settings, the X knob controls the amount of pre-delay, allowing a player to dial in the space between their initial attack and the start of the reverb tails. On the LoFi setting, the X knob adjust the filter width, which, when used in coordination with the Dampen knob, lets a player crank the Decay without letting the wet signal overpower the dry.

On the Fathom's adventurous Sonar setting, the X knob lets you mix between the high and low octave generators, letting you craft shimmering highs, foggy lows, or anywhere in between.

As you can see in the video above, the Fathom conjures up a huge number of sounds. Click the link above to order yours today.

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