Video: Using Ableton Push 2 Like a Keyboard with JNTHN STEIN

With Push 2, Ableton has elevated the grid controller from a utility that triggers clips in Live to an actual instrument. Its versatility means that the Push 2 works just as well as a production workstation as it does with Live open right in front of you.

Case in point comes when JNTHN STEIN shows off how to use Push 2 as a replacement for a traditional keyboard instrument. In this video, JNTHN cues up a piano sound and plays Push 2 in a way that would surely dupe patrons casually sipping cocktails in a lounge. This is the exact type of functionality that makes the Push 2 the Swiss Army Knife controller for the producer who wants one grid to do it all.

As JNTHN demonstrates, the Push 2 is formatted with eight rows of chromatic pads when a melodic instrument is cued up. Since it has a different layout than a conventional keyboard instrument, the Push 2 highlights all of the C notes available. If the key is set to something besides C, the Push 2 will highlight the root note of that key.

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