Video: ThorpyFX Launches Limited Edition Veteran (Si) Exclusively on Reverb

In three short years, ThorpyFX of Wiltshire, England has earned a reputation as one of Britain's premier purveyors of tone. Following a career as an engineer and explosives expert in the British Army, Major Adrian Thorpe has successfully transferred a keen sense of precision and consistency to his pedals, which have earned universal acclaim throughout the global gearhead community.

ThorpyFX The Veteran | Reverb Special Edition
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This week, we're thrilled to announce that ThorpyFX is dropping an updated silicon version of their Veteran circuit in a Reverb-exclusive purple colourway. Dubbed the ThorpyFX Veteran (Si), this batch will be limited to 100 units, which are available for order now.

This new pedal is a variation of the original Veteran, which used Germanium transistors and was also limited to just 100 units. This new version uses silicon transistors that are both more readily available in large quantities and have a much better hit rate when it comes to Adrian’s high standards of repeatability. That sustainability means that the Veteran can finally be a true production model -- though only the first 100 will be in the purple colourway exclusively on Reverb.

According to Adrian, the Veteran is a "Rangemaster-style pedal with a Fuzzface-style front-end," which means that it basically functions as a tweakable treble-boosted fuzz capable of a massive range of classic British drive tones.

Check out the video above for a more detailed exploration of what this military-grade pedal has going on underneath the hood, and click on this link to see the listing.

We also recently had the chance to sample ThorpyFX's Peacekeeper, which is described as low-gain overdrive, primed to reach that sweet almost-over-the-edge breakup tone.

As you can see in this second video, the Peacekeeper packs a bass and treble EQ after the gain combined with a pre-gain presence knob for an intriguing array of tone-sculpting tools.

For more information on ThorpyFX and Adrian's career and design ethos, take a look at this recent interview.

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