Video: The Supro 1696RT Black Magick Reverb Amp Demo

Today, Andy (with some help from Jim, Evan, and Adam from the Reverb team) is checking out the next iteration in Supro's Black Magick amp series: the 1696RT Black Magick.

Crafted on the base of a Class A power amp with matched 6973 tubes and dual independent preamp channels fueled by four 12AX7s and one 12AT7—and adding features like all-tube reverb and a two-band EQ—the Supro 1696RT Black Magick Reverb summons the same enchanting mid-range grit with added tricks requested by fans and artists alike.

Developed in collaboration with Lenny Kravitz, the amp pumps a powerful 25 watts and is available either as a 12-inch combo or a standalone head. It channels that classic dirty Chicago blues sound that originally drew Jimmy Page to the brand and continues to attract any player who wants a classic American smack in a slick boutique presentation.

Be sure to watch the full demo above to hear what the Black Magick can do, and find your own 1696RT Black Magick Reverb combo or 1696RT Black Magick head on Reverb now.

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