Video: The Roland Jupiter-Xm Packs 3 Classics (and More) Into 1 Synth

Back in September, Roland unveiled a huge new synth collection that featured a new Juno-style module, MC grooveboxes (the MC-101 and MC-707), and a trio of Fantom workstations. Also in the array of new instruments was the small but mighty Jupiter-Xm—a 37-key powerhouse that emulates vintage tones of the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and SH-101, and still finds room for TR-808 and 909 drums, digital module synth sounds, and much more.

In our video above, we have Natalie Chami (of TALsounds and Good Willsmith) to explore the Jupiter-Xm's planetary sounds. As she discusses, not only is the synth powerful (with a unique arpeggiator in addition to its huge sound library), it's also portable—capable of running on batteries and being heard through a built-in speaker.

Watch the whole video above to get a sense of what's possible with the Xm. Find yours here.

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