Video: The Moog Werkstatt-01 Makes Modular Synthesis Affordable

Moog's Werkstatt-01, the company's most-affordable synthesizer, is back.

The compact, patchable synth is perfect for beginners, while the Werkstatt's rich sound and flexibility makes it a great addition to any rig.

The Werkstatt features an analog oscillator, classic Moog filter, VCA, LFO, and envelope generator—creating a complete synth voice. With the included CV expander, players can connect to other instruments and Eurorack systems.

The real fun begins with the patchbay, where players can experiment with the signal path to create their own unique sounds, everything from deep kicks to whirring soundscapes. A bottom row of buttons allows you to play notes like a keyboard.

Moog fans will remember the first Werkstatt from the 2014 Moogfest. A kit synth that requires some easy assembly, pre-assembled models have continued to be a hit on the used market, with many passing hands on Reverb ever since.

By offering the new Werkstatts for just $199 USD, Moog is ensuring there are plenty available for everyone. Find yours on Reverb here.

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