Video: Supro Huntington III Bass Demo

This past summer, Supro rolled out its brand-new Huntington line of bass guitars at the NAMM show in Nashville. The Huntington family of basses are all short-scale models that pair the early '60s Ozark body with authentic replications of the passive "Clear-Tone" pickups from the Supro Violin, Taurus, and Pocket Bass models called Gold Foils.

There are three different tiers—the Huntington I, II, and III—with a sliding price scale and slightly different appointments. Above, Jake Hawrylak takes us through the highest-end of the line: the three-pickup Huntington III.

Jake demos each of the three pickups on their own and blended, showcasing the Huntington's ability to nail a diverse range of tones to complement a variety of playing styles. Notably, he demonstrates a funky Motown tone using the bridge pickup, and he also demonstrates this short-scale's ability to handle chording rather well.

Check out the video above for an in-depth look at the new series, and click the banner below to order your own.

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