Video: Spaceman Polaris Resonant Overdrive Demo

The effects builders over at Portland's Spaceman have created a brand-new handcrafted pedal to add to their lineup. The Polaris Resonant Overdrive is a high-quality dirt effect combined with a controllable filter, allowing you to dial-in the perfect amount of drive and emphasis of selectable frequency ranges.

In our video above, Andy Martin demonstrates the pedal's versatility. You can find low purr to light, distortion-style drives. You can switch between bass cut, low-pass, or bass boost settings via a dedicated switch.

The filter settings offer a traditional low-pass filter, a wide two-pole filter, and a resonant filter you can control with an expression pedal. If you have Spaceman's Mission Control—which takes input signals from other pedals in your rig—you can also use these external inputs to modulate the Polaris' filter in time with other gear.

Additionally, the Polaris has an Initial knob, a dry blend control that also allows you to maintain a selected amount of your original signal so that you can set the right amount for your mix.

Check out the full video above, and find your own Polaris on Reverb now.

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