Video: SolidGoldFX Beta Deluxe and Zeta Deluxe Overdrive Demos

SolidGoldFX has recently released a follow-up to their Beta Bass overdrive called the Beta Deluxe. This pedal is a fully loaded bass overdrive packed with double the features of the original. On the surface, the extra toggles and switches may make the pedal look a tad intimidating. But once you get a feel for it, it's easy to dial in a great sound.

Because of the wide array of achievable tones from the Beta Deluxe, it could effectively replace a few different individual pedals on your board. The fact that you can use its directionally selectable JFET boost independently of the overdrive section, for example, makes the pedal function like a two-in-one.

For SolidGoldFX's guitar stompbox counterpart to the Beta Deluxe, check out the demo video below of the Zeta Deluxe Overdrive.

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