Video: Softube Console 1 MKII Controller Demo

We're turning our attention to the recording studio today, with a closer look at Softube's Console 1 MKII Controller. This unit is an integrated hardware/software controller, encouraging engineers to mix with their ears instead of their eyes. The USB-powered Console 1 MKII gives users the ability to physically control and mix their music without ever having to look at a computer screen.

Check out the video above to watch Matt run through Console 1 MKII features, like its 4-band EQ, compression controls, emulated analog console saturation, and dynamic shaper. To pick up your own right here on Reverb, click here.

Those interested in the Softube Console 1 MKII Controller can also enter our giveaway before August 2, 2018, for a chance to win one of your own. Click below to read more and enter the contest.

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