Video: Snarky Puppy's Bob Lanzetti on Close Intervals and His Signature Fodera Guitar

Today, we at Reverb are happy to welcome Bob Lanzetti of jazz-fusion jam band Snarky Puppy into the Reverb studio to demo his new Fodera signature model and talk about his guitar-playing history.

Having established itself as a premium boutique guitar and bass builder over its 30-plus year history, Fodera approached Bob at one of his gigs with the promise of replicating his Tokai Stratocaster—down to its alder body, maple neck, and the same aftermarket pickups (Lindy Fralin Blues Specials) that he'd come to love, which had been put into his Tokai by a former owner.

Additionally, the guitar has some interesting features, like a kill-switch and a dedicated switch for activating all three pickups at the same time. As Bob explains it, "It has almost like a Tele vibe at times with certain settings, so I really like that option. It's not super Strat-y, which is something that I was into staying away from."

Known for a playing style that favors melodic picking and chording over an open drone note, Bob feels that his inspiration comes from his time as a student of Vic Juris and his love of Wayne Krantz. In the second part of the video above, Bob teaches us how he works with close intervals to make his playing more dynamic and expansive.

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