Video: Ryan Adams Signature Walrus Audio Defcon 4 Demo

New from Walrus Audio comes the Defcon 4—a combination boost and EQ pedal designed in close collaboration with Ryan Adams. As a guitarist, Ryan tours with a varied array of instruments, and this signature pedal was specifically designed to gel with both single-coil and humbucker-equipped guitars.

The Defcon 4 offers four distinct stages of tone control starting with the Defcon 1 switch, which engages a 10db MOSFET boost. Atop that boost, you get three bands of EQ with individual toggle switches and rotary knobs to adjust the volume of each section. If you're playing a Strat or other single-coil instrument, you can use the Defcon 4 to boost your mids or roll off some of that high-end bite. If you're playing a Les Paul or something else with humbuckers, you can use the Defcon 4 to cut the low-end a bit to give your tone a little separation from the bass and drums.

Hear these and other applications in the video above as Andy gives this most '80s of Walrus Audio pedals the Tone Report treatment.

Gear Used In This Video:
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