Video: Randall Amplifiers EOD 88 Tube Head

Hearken back to the early days of Black Sabbath’s doom-ridden fuzz tones with the Randall Amplifiers EOD 88 tube head, an amp crafted specifically to conjure up tones from the early Ozzy days while still giving modern metalheads the sound they crave. The EOD 88 is chock full of features that may initially seem to cater to the old-school metal crowd, but in truth hold a wide reach of applications.

Just like it says on the box, the EOD 88 packs 88 watts of power into one incredibly portable amp head. Sporting KT88 power tubes, three switchable gain modes and an onboard fuzz circuit, the EOD 88 serves up fresh cleans, bluesy tones with a smudge of dirt, and full-on, maxed-out fuzz clipping for all of your heavy metal needs.

Controls for the EOD 88 are simple and relatively self-explanatory. There are fuzz and gain switches, each of which is controllable via its respective knob. A three-band EQ in the form of bass, mid, and treble controls is available, and if you really want to precision-shape your tone, the EOD 88 offers a depth knob to really dial in those lows and a presence knob to pull out higher harmonics. And there’s no missing the huge master volume knob, even when you’re in the throes of a seriously head-banging gig. The EOD 88 also offers up a whole host of extra goodies like a footswitch, a series effects loop, and a line out which is tapped directly into the speaker jack for wet/dry applications.

Watch our demo video to hear the wildly different tones produced by the Randall Amplifiers EOD 88’s separate gain stages, and then click the banner below to shop the EOD 88 on Reverb.

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