Video: Own a Piece of Kimbra's Gear Collection, Officially for Sale on Reverb

Kimbra. Photo by Gabrielius Jauniskis. Used with permission from the artist.

Today on Reverb, we're stoked to announce another exciting artist shop, this time with singer-songwriter and producer Kimbra (who has sat down with us before for a few lessons on her process). As you can see in the video above, Kimbra has decided to distill her studio down to just some key essentials—which is great news for us, as we now have a shot at all of the great gear she's used both in the studio on records and touring on stage. The Official Kimbra Reverb Shop is now open.

The video above sees Kimbra showing off some of the excellent gear she's parting with, including all manner of guitars, drum machines, hand percussion, mics, and even a super cool theremin. As she explains, the Horst MIDI Wave Theremin is a unique piece of gear that allows users to load a sample into it via MIDI and control the parameters of that sample with their hand, as you would a theremin. Though Kimbra herself didn't dig super deeply into it, she hopes that a young excited producer is stoked to figure out more than she could.

Some of the guitars she's parting with include a fast-playing and sharp-looking Music Man Albert Lee signature guitar and a Lowden acoustic that she received as the first prize winner of an international songwriting contest several years ago. Similarly sentimental are the upright bass that accompanied her and her band on the Reimagine tour (and which she refers to as "the sound of the tour") as well as the autoharp she used to write the song "Vanity Fair."

Kimbra is also parting with some smaller items, like a lovingly used TC Helicon, Roland TR-505, Critter & Guitari synths, signed performance microphones, and even more. Check out the video above and click here to see all of that gear and more available in Kimbra's Official Reverb Shop right now.

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