Video: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess Distortion Chorus Delay Demo

With a motto like "Take Risks. Make Noise," it's hardly a surprise when Old Blood Noise Endeavors comes to the table with a stompbox that proves to be as exciting as it is ambitious. Old Blood's newest offering, the Excess Distortion/Chorus/Delay, is no exception.

The Excess joins the ranks of other well-received hits—like the famous Haunt Fuzz and the Dark Star Pad Reverb—but unlike those dedicated, single-circuit units, the Excess packs multiple effect types into one chassis. With the Excess, you're getting high-gain distortion, slapback delay, and lush chorus all in one.

You can operate the pedal in two modes: series mode (with distortion flowing into modulation) or parallel mode (which filters both of the effects signals into a single output). Check out the video above to hear Andy explore the two different playing modes and to see what sorts of sounds he's able to coax from this multi-faceted effect.

If you like what you hear, click the banner below to pick up your own on Reverb.

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