Video: Modern Drummer 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare Drum Series

Modern Drummer Magazine is celebrating 40 years of publication in 2016 with their Modern Drummer 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare Series. Designed as a collaborative effort between Modern Drummer and Bruce Hagwood of RBH Drums, the 40th Anniversary Series’ three custom snares are available exclusively on Reverb.

5.5x14 Solid-Maple Snare

The series consists of a 5.5” x 14” maple single-ply snare, a 6” x 13” single-ply cherry, and a 6.5” x 14” triple-ply snare made of mahogany, poplar, and walnut. Each of the three snares includes Puresound snare wires, Evans heads, and a three-point throw-off switch.

The single-ply maple snare is perhaps the most versatile of the bunch, given maple’s propensity to project bright, warm sound. Its single-ply design is reminiscent of Keller shells and the vintage Radio King snares. Its size gives the maple snare more flexible application, making it suitable for both jazz and rock.

6.5x14 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar/Walnut Snare

The three woods making up the mahogany, poplar, and walnut snare were typically used in vintage drums, but have recently made a resurgence in the drum world. Its 6.5” depth provides a deeper resonance response and a wider, more open feeling as opposed to the tightness of the maple, making this snare more suited to rock and other loud genres. The snare’s thicker, three-ply shell gives it a lower tonal foundation as well.

6x13 Solid-Cherry Snare

Finally, the 13” size of the cherry snare gives it a distinctive “pop” as opposed to a “crack” for rimshots. Cherry wood is the rarest of all the woods used in this series, and its grain has a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing look. This drum is great for players who like a bright treble tone and more snap in their snare.

Check out the video above to watch Gregg Potter of the Buddy Rich Band demonstrate all three snares, and then shop for your own Modern Drummer 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare.

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