My First Pedal: Mark Holcomb on the Boss MT–2 Metal Zone

Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb recently swung by our studio to do what he does best: shred on his Paul Reed Smith signature guitar.

We have some great lessons from Mark coming at you later this week, but before that, we thought we’d start by sharing a candid moment that Mark had with his first pedal: the much maligned Boss MT–2 Metal Zone. It was the first time he played one in 15 years, which set him off on a hilarious and charming trip down memory lane.

For Holcomb, the MT–2 is one of those pedals that may not sound great, but meant the world to him at the right time. We all had those pieces of gear when we were young, and they helped us pretend we were the musicians we wanted to be so badly.

As Mark Holcomb tells it, the Boss MT–2 gave him that brutal tone and those pinch harmonics that let him feel like he was James Hetfield while he played along with every song on Master of Puppets. From those humble beginnings came the shredder he is today.

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