Video: Land Devices HP-2 Harmonic Percolator Demo

The original InterFax Harmonic Percolator was designed and built by Ed Geise in the 1970s in his small repair shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But from these humble beginnings, a cult favorite was born.

Packed into an unassuming beige box featuring two sliders for balance and harmonics and one on/off footswitch, the Harmonic Percolator circuit was far more interesting than its casing would suggest. The effect is built only to supply even-order harmonics—which delight our human ears to no end—and has amassed a loyal and devoted following, with Steve Albini being chief among them.

Now, Land Devices—a boutique builder out of Oakland, California—just released its own, handmade Harmonic Percolator effect called the HP-2. Today, Andy is digging into it. The HP-2 nails the promise of even-order harmonics and replaces the old-school sliders with two knobs. There's also a toggle switch so that you can choose between stock HP fuzz tones and a less compressed sound.

Be sure to check out the video to hear what kinds of tones Andy can coax out of this stompbox. Then click the box above to pick up one of your own.

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