Video: Jake Shimabukuro Teaches How to Play Leonard Cohen on Ukulele

Following his amazing rendition of Eleanor Rigby at our NAMM booth and a tour through his pedalboard, Jake Shimabukuro was kind of enough to give us a lesson about learning songs on the ukulele.

Just like with his pedal selection, Jake puts a lot of thought into what works specifically with his instrument of choice. When it comes to learning a song, this means he’ll occasionally change the key to make playing the melody easier on the ukulele’s short neck.

If you want to learn more from Jake Shimabukuro about playing the ukulele, be sure to check out his newest book, Jake Shimabukuro Teaches Ukuklele Lesson.

Learning how to play Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with Jake provides a great glimpse into the mind of how a ukulele master transposes and arranges songs from their original version into something playable on his instrument. This is a useful lesson for any musician on any instrument.


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