Video: Jackson Audio Prism Preamp Boost Demo

Brad Jackson, Juan Kyle, and Nigel Hendroff have been collaborating over the past year on an exciting new project. That collaboration has been so good, in fact, that they decided to go into business together under the new brand name, Jackson Audio.

Jackson Audio Prism Preamp Boost

Jackson Audio Prism Preamp Boost

Brad and Nigel were kind enough to bring that new project to the Reverb studio to demo for us. The stainless steel stompox is called the Prism, an all-in-one buffer, boost, preamp, EQ, and overdrive.

There are three different circuits in the pedal that can all be accessed using the toggle switch on the right. Each of the circuits can be controlled with the EQ knobs: tone, body, and boost. There is also a three-position gain switch (low, medium, and high) on the lefthand side of the pedal that controls how much of a boost your signal is getting.

The first setting is transparent and is an almost totally clean guitar signal. How clean depends on how much boost you dial-in. The break up on the next amp setting replicates the sound of a tube amp. And the final setting is called the color mode because it is the most affected signal, giving your sound a really heavy boost.

For a pedal with such a simple configuration, it offers a lot of tone customizability because of the three separate circuits. It accommodates the entire boost spectrum, from those just looking for a slightly overdriven clean tone on to a really gritty, heavy and distorted boost.

Demand has outpaced available stock, so you may have to wait to get your hands on one. You can order the Prism here.

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