Video: Isaiah Sharkey on the Gospel Vamp and Spanky Alford Riffs

For this next installment of our video series with Isaiah Sharkey, Isaiah got to talking with us about a musician that he's often compared to: the late Chalmers "Spanky" Alford. Spanky Alford was a Grammy-winning jazz guitarist who played in D'Angelo's band, The Soultronics, alongside Questlove, James Poyser, Anthony Hamilton, and Pino Palladino.

Spanky is recognized for his unique style and use of arpeggiations. In the video above, Isaiah demonstrates how Spanky would take a chord and really stretch it out into a series of colorful notes. He then goes on to show us how his own playing style compares to Spanky's, and in some ways, comes from a lot of the same concepts.

Poised to take center stage as he fuses together his background in rock, gospel, jazz, R&B, blues, and funk to create an original sound with an unmistakable dose of soul, Isaiah's first digital album is now available. Check out his debut release entitled Love.Life.Live.

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