Video: How Imogen Heap Makes Music with Mi.Mu Gloves

Singer-songwriter, producer, and music tech innovator Imogen Heap has spent years developing the Mi.Mu Gloves with Thomas Mitchell and the rest of the Mi.Mu team. The Gloves—a wearable MIDI controller that can control sounds, effects, and other parameters through the Glover software—seek to give performers a unique way to express their music through gestures and hand movements.

In the video above, she not only demonstrates how they work, but, through parts of her own songs, shows the kind of control and expressivity they allow.

Using the Glover program, you can set up to nine separate hand gestures at a time for each glove (for example, clenched fist or flat palm), which will then trigger MIDI events within Ableton Live. In addition to these user-created hand gestures, you can also map additional parameters to larger arm movements on up-and-down and side-to-side axis, as well as speed thresholds.

Heap shows off all the mappings she has for her side "Hide and Seek," which makes great use of vocal effects, which she brings in and out of the mix with the gloves. Bringing up reverb, panning from side-to-side, recording loops of her voice on the spot—all of it is controlled through the Mi.Mu Gloves.

Be sure to watch the full video above to get a hint at what's possible with these new devices. While Heap has used various versions of the Gloves to create music for years, this summer marks the first time they'll be available for wider purchase. Check back for availability on Reverb. Visit the Mi.Mu website, Soniccouture, and to learn more about the Mi.Mu Gloves and find Imogen's upcoming tour dates in the EU.

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