Video: Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Demo

For a certain class of adventurous noisemakers, Hologram Electronics of Knoxville, Tenn., ranks as one of the most exciting pedal firms on today's boutique scene. Kicking things off in 2015, designers Jason Campbell and Ryan Schaefer (who plays in the band Royal Bangs) release pedals in extremely limited batches, and there are times when used specimens that crop up on Reverb sell at prices higher than new, reflecting a premium paid to skip to the front of the backorder line.

First came the Dream Sequence, a digital sequencer that packs dozens of different sequencing and other synth-based functions and effects in a totally fresh way. The follow-up, the Infinite Jets Resynthesizer, offers a similarly unprecedented sound palette, but focuses on sampling rather than the sequencing explored in the first release.

At root, the Infinite Jets takes your source sound and resamples it via Blur, Synth, Glitch, or Swell effect settings. There are actually two distinct sampling channels, meaning that you can sample, sustain, and augment two different notes or chords at the same time.

The four base effect settings are highly tweakable via internal LFO and envelope generators, which can control various parameters. There are also onboard and user presets, an independent drive channel, and multiple ways to trigger the sampling, either automatically or via footswitch.

It's a lot to try to define and wrap your brain around, but as fans of Hologram will tell you, that inventive open-endedness lies at the core of what makes these cutting edge pedals so popular.

Watch the video above for a small selection of the sounds this pedal can generate, and click here to see current listings for the Infinite Jets on Reverb.

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