Video: Heather Brown Electronicals Blessed Mother Overdrive/Boost Demo

For Andy's latest demo, he's checking out an overdrive/boost stompbox offering from boutique Midwest pedal brand Heather Brown Electronicals. The pedal is called the Blessed Mother, and it is the first pedal that effects designer Heather Brown has designed under her own name, having learned from and worked with industry legends Robert Keeley and EHX's Mike Matthews.

Heather Brown Electronicals
Blessed Mother Overdrive/Boost
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The Blessed Mother blends germanium and silicon diodes for an overdrive tone that is at once uniquely raw, smooth, and rich. Its face is decorated with a row of familiar control knobs—volume, drive, treble, and bass—but where the Blessed Mother differentiates itself is with the inclusion of the adjustable transparency function known as the "Immaculator" knob.

The Immaculator knob allows players to blend back in their guitar's dry signal for clear, multi-textural tones, even with high-gain settings engaged.

Be sure to check out Andy's full demo above, and click here to grab your own Blessed Mother, handbuilt by Heather Brown herself, right here on Reverb.

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