Video: Hear 4 Classic Electric Pianos in Action

We recently swung by Chicago Electric Keyboard Company to learn about their restoration business and some new devices they've developed for their stock of vintage keyboards.

The keyboards they had on hand looked great, but we had to hear them for ourselves. Check out Chicago keyboardist Tyheim Smith bring these vintage keys to life in the videos below.

Fender Rhodes Mark I

The most iconic electric piano, this Rhodes Mark I boasts a chime that’s only heard in the best tuned and maintained specimens.

Hohner Clavinet D6

Part of the Holy Trinity of electromechanical pianos alongside the Rhodes and the Wurlitzer 200A, the D6 is the most loved version of uniquely plucky electric harpsichord. The Clavinet made immortal by Stevie Wonder on “Superstition."

Wurlitzer 214A

Featuring Wurlitzer's signature bite, this is a stripped down student model in the 200 series that blows most digital emulations of the 200A out of the water.

Fender Rhodes Piano Bass

An oddity with a succulent bass tone, the Rhodes Bass capitalized on its full–sized cousin’s thick low end response while presaging the rise of bass–focused synths.


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