Video: Glou-Glou Pralines Demo

Already making a name for itself in the boutique pedal world with all-analog pedal offerings like the Rendez-Vous, French brand Glou-Glou is back with another release: the Glou-Glou Pralines. And today, Reverb's Jake Hawrylak is digging in to see what the new pedal can do.

The Pralines features four band-pass filters that each run in parallel, with their own individual frequencies and modulation controls. There are global settings for the mix, filter level, and peak resonance, and there's also a sensitivity knob that reacts dynamically to your playing.

Adding to its tone-sculpability, the Pralines also includes a modulation knob specifically for controlling which modulations apply to the filters—envelope up and down, LFO, and expression for control with an expression pedal—as well as a triangle LFO with a speed switch and supplementary knob. Lastly, the Pralines features a built-in fuzz circuit that'll give players anything from a slightly dirty growl to a roaring Big Muff.

Be sure to check out Jake's full demo above to see how the new Pralines sounds with a guitar and a bass running through. And if you've been convinced, click here to grab your own on Reverb right now.

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