Video: Funky Vintage - Danelectro Spring King

Funky Vintage is back in its second installment, this time taking a deeper look at the not-quite-vintage Danelectro Spring King. Although the Spring King isn’t exactly vintage in the classic sense, it is discontinued and offers some amazingly authentic spring reverb; in fact, there are actual springs inside this pedal.

Not only does the Spring King pack a rich, spring-loaded punch, but it can take a beating too. The kick pad has the Spring King just begging to be stomped on to elicit some springy rumble. The volume knob, which handles wet-to-dry ratio, tone and reverb controls give you an ample amount to play around with.

Check out the video to see Joe take the Danelectro Spring King for a drive, and make sure to check back soon for more Funky Vintage!

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