Video: EarthQuaker Devices Releases the Aqueduct Vibrato

Today, EarthQuaker Devices has released the Aqueduct Vibrato—a pitch-shifting stompbox that can bring all manner of warp and wobble to your tone.

The Aqueduct comes with eight different modulation settings, offering a variety of vintage-style vibrato and newer, synthier pulsations. The Envelope-Controlled Pitch mode—or, as EQD has internally nicknamed it, "the My Bloody Valentine setting"—adds a bit of chorus and flanger to vibrato-arm-like pitch shifts to approach MBV's swirling, undulating sounds.

As you can hear in the Andy's video above, the Aqueduct is a versatile pedal, offering many different vibrato voices you can dial-in to taste. To see all that the pedal can do, be sure to watch the whole demo. Click here to get yours on Reverb now.

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