Video: Digitech TRIO+ Band Creator and Looper

If you've found that your needs exceed the reach of the original TRIO, then take a look at the DigiTech TRIO+ Band Creator & Looper. The TRIO+ gives you self-generated drum and bass lines in more genres and styles, more savable parts and more flexibility with an onboard looper and FX loop for the rest of your rig.

The twelve genres represented in the TRIO+, each of which comes in twelve different styles, include hip hop, electro-pop, metal, country and Latin, giving you an incredible number of combinations to inspire and expand your horizons. In-built effects specific to each genre are included as well.

For even more options, apt particularly when practicing, the TRIO+ has a looper with its own independent, adjustable volume control and unlimited overdubs. Where the original Trio allowed for the storage of only three song parts, the TRIO+ can store up to five distinct parts per song that can be recalled on the fly — and a micro SD card gives you the opportunity to store up to twelve complete songs, with loops, as well.

Get a taste of what the upgrades have done for the DigiTech TRIO+ by checking out the video above. You can shop for DigiTech TRIO+ Band Creator pedals, as well as the original DigiTech TRIO, by clicking the banners below.

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