Video: Demoing the Pianos and Keys Collection by Waves Audio

The industry-leading music software company, Waves Audio, presented their take on iconic keyboard instruments with the Waves Pianos & Keys Collection. These virtual instruments are designed to give you authentic replications of classic pianos like the Wurlitzer 200A, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CP-80, Hohner Clavinet D6, and Fazioli F228.

The virtual instruments are sampled from the actual instruments, with all the flaws and road-worn character unique to each. The selectable high definition or standard quality audio sample libraries faithfully recreate the timeless texture of each keyboard by utilizing Waves Sample Engine technology.

Each digital model is equipped with its own distinct sound-shaping features, such as mic placement, attenuable key and tines noise, selectable formant changes, velocity curves, and multi-effects. These compelling virtual instruments are a welcome, contemporary take on the classics.

We test drove these powerful plugins with keyboardist Drew Scalercio to show off the dynamic range and multitude of sonic dexterity that this collection is capable of.

Grand Rhapsody Piano

Sampled from the Fazioli F228 located in London’s Metropolis Studios, this piano replication is one of the most feature-rich of the entire collection. With the ability to change mic choice and placement, sustain resonance, and stocked with Waves famous H-Reverb, this may be the last acoustic piano plugin you’ll ever need.

Electric 88 Piano

With the goal to create more than just another generic Rhodes plugin, Waves captured a unique and wayworn Rhodes for this recreation. The attention to detail in the multi-samples captures the distinct, brilliant character of each note. Adjustable tines, key up, and an award winning effects rack give this electric piano the flexibility to be a creative workhorse.

Electric 200 Piano

Combining multi-samples from two separate Wurlitzers, this virtual model harnesses a distinct mature tone all it’s own. Incorporating the same modulation, tone-shaping, and effects features of the Electric 88 Piano, this instrument is bolsters a refined sonic complexity and tonal range that becomes more compelling with each preset.

Electric Grand 80 Piano

The Yamaha CP-80 has been a popular choice for many years with artists looking for a brighter electric piano tone. Adjustable note sustain resonance, paired with world class Waves effects processing, and sculptable tone knobs give this electro-acoustic powerhouse its brilliant character.


This plugin was created with meticulous attention to detail, making sure everything from the percussive tone to the hammer tip string-striking mechanics were replicated from the original D6. Employing onboard multi-effects, customizable EQ, mic transducer selectability, and overdrive control, this model accurately captures the unique tone of the iconic single-coil pickup keyboard

Reverb Waves Keys Remix Contest

Download the audio sample pack created from these videos here, and make your own remix with the keyboard parts. Submit your remix using #ReverbWavesKeysRemix for a chance to win a free Waves Pianos & Keys Collection.

Waves Pianos & Keys Collection - Reverb Exclusive Sample Pack

Hear how the Waves Electric 88 Piano and Waves Clavinet stack up to the analog originals (as well as other virtual instrument brands) here.

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