Video: JAde Wii on Why the Roland SP-404 Is Still #1

If you already know JAde Wii's YouTube channel, you know that she's a big proponent of DAW-less jamming (she even sells patches and sample packs at Getting out of the box with a hardware sampler can be an invigorating, hands-on approach to beatmaking, with the constraints of any given hardware device leading to unique approaches and sounds.

In her video above, "Why the Roland SP-404 is STILL #1," JAde Wii explains why she prefers the 404 to any other hardware sampler, even the robust Elektron Octatrack or Akai MPC Live. "When using the SP-404 compared to those other devices ... I feel like the SP-404 gives you more of a human connection to an actual instrument."

While original SP-404s can be hard to come by on the used market, you can click here to add them to your Reverb Feed to be notified as soon as new listings appear on our site. But updated models like the SP-404SX and SP-404A are readily available new and used on Reverb.

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